Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: It Turns Out Throwing a Sex Toy on the Field Can Get You Arrested

Three sex toys ended up on the field but only one man got arrested. 
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It’s all fun and games until someone goes to jail

Remember when I said yesterday that throwing a sex toy on the field was just good, harmless fun? Oops. It turns out you can go to jail for that. 

A 34-year-old Florida man named Michael Abdallah was arrested at the game for his dildo toss and spent the night in jail after being charged with disorderly conduct. The judge set bail at $250 cash or $1,000 bond and ordered him to appear back in court on Dec. 4, although he doesn’t have to appear if he hires an attorney.

But while throwing something on the field—adult toy or otherwise—certainly could get you arrested, it’s not a sure thing. After all, Abdallah’s dildo was only one of three on the field Monday night. Two other members of Bills Mafia managed to elude capture. You just have to be smart about it. Time and aim your throw not to injure anyone, make sure security isn’t watching and maybe make your toss from a section other than where your seats are to avoid identification by eyewitnesses. 

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverly went at it all night

Russell Wesbrook and Patrick Beverly continued their long-simmering feud last night, eventually boiling over into a shouting match that earned them each a technical foul. It’s a perfect example of why Westbrook can be such a polarizing player. 

“Russ don’t really like nobody out there, so, you know,” Paul George said. “He’s that fiery regardless of who’s matched up against him. It just doesn’t make it any better if it’s Pat out there.”

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