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There are just some moments you can't script.

By Andrew Doughty
July 13, 2019

No-No for Skaggs

Two weeks after Tyler Skaggs passed away, the Angels honored him on Friday night, their first home game since his death. It was an emotional, impossible-to-script night that began with Tyler’s mother Debbie throwing a strike on the first pitch and ended with three pitchers combining for the organization’s 11th all-time no-hitter (and first in seven years). Every Angels player wore a No. 45 "Skaggs" jersey in the 13-0 win over the Mariners.

“It all started with Debbie’s first pitch,” Taylor Cole, the starter, said. “Threw it right down the middle. Unbelievable. Couldn’t have made a better pitch to start us out on the right foot.”

This is getting real

We have an update to Mike Vrabel’s voluntary castration.

To recap: "[I’ve] been married 20 years. Yeah, probably," Vrabel responded when asked if he’d castrate himself for a Super Bowl win as a head coach. "[My wife would] be like do you want me to do it? Do you want to do it now?"

Yep, he was right. His wife is willing to help:

Mike Leach

"I don’t think there’s anything wrong with listening," Mike Leach said on this week’s podcast regarding the Tennessee interest last year. We also talked recruiting (and cutting off "narcissistic parents"), changes needed in college football and other goodness.

Point vs. the GOAT?

This has been widely circulated since its early-Friday release but in case you didn’t see it: Nearly 2,000 British men were asked if they could win a point vs. Serena Williams. A staggering 12 percent said they could.

One in eight men think they could win a point against, arguably, the greatest female athlete ever. Confidence is admirable. Stupidity is not.

Sofia Resing

Odds and Ends

Fantasy football quarterback rankings ... Ranking the best Netflix original series right now (and Mindhunter is returning soon)... Terrible news from Connecticut, where the father of Tremont Waters was found dead in a hotel room ... Five impressive second-year players in NBA Summer League ... Remember Ed Foley? The Temple assistant and real-life Matt Foley. He’s taking his motivational-speaker talents elsewhere.

Happy weekend!

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