The Redskins just can’t do anything right

The Skins got absolutely embarrassed at home on national TV on Monday Night Football, losing 31–15 to the Bears.

It wasn’t even as close as that score would indicate. Washington trailed 28–3 at halftime, which was when the team had scheduled its tribute to former linebacker London Fletcher. Surely the team couldn’t be embarrassed further when the players weren’t even on the field, right?

How hard is it to have somebody proofread your jumbotron graphics? It’s a little thing, but it’s emblematic of how this franchise has been run for quite some time. They haven’t won a playoff game in since 2005. They haven’t won double-digit games since they ran their franchise QB into the ground. The team president repeatedly referred to his new franchise quarterback by the wrong name during a prolonged contract dispute. They don’t even know how to properly stir Gatorade.

It’s just a clown show top to bottom, and it always will be as long as Dan Snyder is in charge. That’s why, when Fletcher began his speech with “To Daniel Snyder and the rest of the Redskins organization,” it elicited possibly the strongest crowd reaction of the whole ceremony (at the 2:55 mark).

Snyder must have been up in the owner’s box, sneering and counting his money.

Props to Nelson Agholor

Philadelphia resident Hakim Law couldn’t resist taking a jab at the Eagles after he played the role of hero in a house fire. Law helped rescue several children from the burning building and in an interview afterwards said he caught the kids “unlike Agholor.”

Credit where it’s due, though—Nelson Agholor himself reached out on Twitter to say he was inviting Law to the next Eagles game.

The best of SI

Houston’s star quarterback is making the unprecedented move of sitting out the rest of this year to be able to play again next season. ... Just when things were looking up for Daniel Jones and the Giants, Saquon Barkley’s ankle injury is a major blow. ... Megan Rapinoe continues to find ways to inspire. ... Does Antonio Brown really have a chance of winning a labor grievance against the Patriots?

Around the sports world

Even after Case Keenum threw three picks and had three fumbles (two lost), Jay Gruden isn’t benching him for first-round pick Dwayne Haskins. ... Bruce Arians now says he didn’t take that delay of game penalty on purpose. ... Antonio Brown is taking (online) classes at Central Michigan again. ... England’s rugby coach expects Team USA to play like “15 Donald Trumps” at the World Cup. ... An armed robber who stole a Rolex from Chargers DB Derwin James got sentenced to nine years in prison.

Get ’em, Troy

Can’t wait to see him do that in the playo—oh wait

I didn’t peg John Harbaugh for a math guy

That’s not how email works

Why does he look like he’s mocking me?

What a beauty

Being the starter doesn’t exempt you from pranks

Kevin Durant’s arrival on the court is delayed, fittingly

D-Backs honor Paul Goldschmidt

Lovely set they have down there at the seaport

Running a marathon in North Korea

Not sports

A Wisconsin inmate has reportedly confessed to the killing at the center of the “Making a Murderer” documentary that two other men are already in jail for. ... You can dress up as a sexy meatless burger for Halloween this year. ... Jonah Hill has signed on to play the villain in an upcoming Batman movie.

Good title

Oh for sure man

A good song

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