Jarvis Landry’s ‘Guarantee’ Is the Silliest NFL Controversy of the Week

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The unstoppable Patriots and the sputtering Browns face off in Foxborough on Sunday in CBS’s late afternoon game of the week. New England is currently favored by nearly two touchdowns (12.5 points) over a Cleveland team that hasn’t even come close to living up to the preseason hype.

Browns receiver Jarvis Landry was asked Thursday how he thinks the team will respond after having a bye last week.

“Well, we’re going to win,” Landry said. “We’re going to win. I think it’s just that simple. We’re getting guys back healthy again and we’re going to win.”

This spread like wildfire over the internet as Landry guaranteeing a victory in New England. 

But Landry quickly clarified (just a few minutes later) that he meant the Browns were traveling to New England with the goal of winning. 

Listen to the way he said it and look at his body language. Does that seem like a guy trying to make an emphatic guarantee of a victory over the greatest team in NFL history?

It’s clear that not only was Landry not trying to stir the pot by making wild assurances, he was actually doing the opposite. He was trying to give a cliché answer. Every team in the NFL approaches every game like they’re going to win. (All right, except the Dolphins.) If you walk onto the field expecting anything less than a victory, you’re going to get embarrassed and possibly even injured. 

Still, multiple national outlets wrote stories saying Landry “backtracked” his guarantee.

Inside the Patriots locker room, none of the players seem to be taking Landry’s comments too seriously. 

The quote did catch the attention of one person, though. 

Once Bill Belichick takes notice you’re screwed. The damage is already done. Landry’s comments may have been completely harmless and the majority of fans and media may realize that, but if Belichick thinks you’re trying to slight him, you’re going to lose by four touchdowns. 

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