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Kenny Mayne Had an Incredible Exit From ESPN: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Now this is how you leave a job!

Kenny Mayne anchored his last SportsCenter on Monday night, after working at ESPN for 27 years. He certainly went out on a high note, getting the first interview with a disgruntled Aaron Rodgers, who shared his vague and cryptic reasons why he’s unhappy with the Packers.

But it was Mayne’s closing shot at Rodgers at the end of their conversation that was the chef’s kiss.

“Hey, last thing. The last time we did the interview together, you told me to go heavy in the cryptocurrency game. I did and we’re down 40%, then I lost my job. Gretchen just wants a new comforter. F--- you, Aaron Rodgers.”

Mayne then exited the set like a slugger who just hit a walk-off home run.

After his final show, Mayne took to Twitter to send a simple message.

Earlier in the day, Mayne shared this great photo of him and his catchphrases.

2. My colleague, Dan Gartland, covered the incredible story of Brooks Koepka basically wanting to vomit over the weekend when Bryson DeChambeau walked past him during an interview. I'm not going to cover the whole thing here. Just check out Dan's Hot Clicks.

But I need to say this: I know this may come off as hyperbole and "prisoner of the moment" stuff, but when everyone is doing their "Interview of the Year" or "Best Live TV Moment" at the end of 2021 when we all do our year-in-review pieces, Koepka should sweep the board.

3. Speaking of golf, Phil Mickelson brought a lot of people to their TV sets on Sunday.

4. This was a cool moment Monday night when the Jazz's Joe Ingles surprised teammate Jordan Clarkson with the Sixth Man Award during an interview with TNT's Ernie Johnson.

5. You know that awful cliché, "puts it in perspective"? Well, here the Winnipeg Jets' Blake Wheeler got hit in the twig and berries with a puck Monday, but he put it all in perspective after the game.

6. The latest episode of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast features two guests.

First up is New York Post sports media columnist Andrew Marchand. Topics covered with Marchand include Marv Albert's upcoming retirement and who will replace him as TNT's lead NBA play-by-play broadcaster, what happened between TNT and Chris Webber, highlights of the 2021 NFL schedule, whether Tom Brady vs. the Patriots on Sunday Night Football in Week 4 will set a ratings record, what the merger between Time Warner and Discovery means for sports fans, ESPN's six-part documentary on Derek Jeter and much more.

Following Marchand, CNN TV analyst and executive producer of The Story of Late Night docuseries Bill Carter joins the podcast to talk about the six-part show currently airing on CNN. Carter sheds light on the Jay Leno–David Letterman battle, the Johnny Carson–Joan Rivers feud, the changes in late night over the years and much more

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify and Stitcher.

You can also watch the SI Media Podcast on YouTube.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Happy 36th birthday to the WWE's Universal champion and recent SI Media Podcast guest Roman Reigns.

While Reigns has had a great run in the ring, it was this commercial that may be his best work ever.

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