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SI's Mock Draft: Adam Duerson

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Round 1 (5 overall)Frank Gore, RB I'd like the same yardage (1,695 rushing) as 2006, but with more than eight TDs this time.

Round 2 (20)Cedric Benson, RB He's had two injuries in two NFL seasons -- but no way he three-peats.

Round 3 (29)Anquan Boldin, WR He's a favorite of Matt Leinart, coach Ken Whisenhunt -- and now me.

Round 4 (44)Plaxico Burress, WR Here's hoping this is the season it all clicks into place for Eli Manning.

Round 5 (53)Ahman Green, RB He's trade bait if he gets off to a good start in Houston -- and backup material if he doesn't.

Round 6 (68)Bears D Let the run of the defense picks begin with a unit that forced a league-best 47 turnovers in '06.

Round 7 (77)Chris Cooley, TE Last year's team leader in receptions will be Jason Campbell's go-to guy.

Round 8 (92)Mark Clayton, WR How many times can a guy be "on the verge of a breakout"? I'm feeling it this year, though.

Round 9 (101)Santonio Holmes, WR I've got a hunch he'll develop into the Plaxico substitute he was meant to be.

Round 10 (116)Adrian Peterson, RB Getting Benson's backup makes my second-round pick all the more sound.

Round 11 (125)Rex Grossman, QB He had some duds last year, but eight weeks out of 16 he was a fantasy star.

Round 12 (140)Trent Green, QB Panic mode sets in. My quarterbacks are Grossman and Green? Crap.

Round 13 (149)Joe Horn, WR Some has to catch some balls in Atlanta -- even if Harrington's throwing.

Round 14 (164)Greg Olsen, TE Early word from training camp suggests the Bears' late-first-round pick will be a steal.

Round 15 (173)Neil Rackers, K I'm hoping for a flashback to 2005, when the Cardinal hit 40 of 42 field goals.

Round 16 (188)Eddie Kennison, WR It's great value to land a team's No. 1 receiver this late in the draft.