Week 3: Last-minute Med Check

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(A reminder -- the ratings of red, yellow, and green are just indications of how serious the injury will affect his fantasy play this week, not an indication of how serious the injury actually is. CWM is "check with me," the QB's signal for an audible. I'll use that to let you know in updates whether or not they'll play.)

Chiefs DST (YELLOW): Rookie CBs versus a rookie QB isn't exactly immovable object and unstoppable force. More like decent but raw kid who has a chance to put up big numbers against a team that can't do much of anything. The injured pass rush is going to negate the Falcons line problems.

Falcons O-Line (YELLOW):Matt Ryan can't feel good about three OTs showing up on the injury report.

Justin Fargas (RED): Fargas' hamstring is going to keep him out. Even a last-minute decision to play is only going to get him a timeshare.

Darren McFadden (RED): Darren McFadden will play with turf toe ... as of now. He's going to have a painkiller injection and a steel plate in his shoe. He's had a couple days to get used to the plate, but he's not going to be the explosive playmaker he showed he can be last week. They'll make a game-time decision on whether he'll start, though the game plan has McFadden getting only half the touches. As expected, Darren McFadden is active for today's games, but be sure to heed my previous warnings about his limitations.

Javon Walker (YELLOW): He'll play, even start, but no one seems to know how much he'll play. Don't expect him to be the No. 1 instantly.

Roscoe Parrish (YELLOW): Parrish's knee injury hurts the return game more than the passing game. It makes James Hardy a possible option.

Joey Galloway (RED): I like Jon Gruden. He doesn't mince words and he doesn't mess around with the injury report. Galloway is out this week with a foot injury, something that could linger. He did make good progress so check back next week.

Bucs DST (YELLOW): With three key defenders (Derrick Brooks, Aqib Talib, and Gaines Adams) all questionable, the Bucs really have to rely on some Monte Kiffin wizardry. Check your options.

Devin Hester (YELLOW): Hester can play through the rib strain, but it only hurts when he breathes or gets hit. None of my sources think highly of his pain tolerance.

Bears DST (YELLOW): Even with Hester not there to run back kicks, the Bears defense is still a solid play despite the loss of Brandon McGowan.


Adrian Peterson (RED): Is Peterson living in the Training Room because they're being aggressive with treatment, trying to get him out there in Week 3 or because his hamstring injury is worse than is being let on by the Vikings? My source says it's the former, but they'll still not likely to risk him much this week. Peterson is active and will not only play, but start. He'll still cede some carries to Chester Taylor and will be pulled at the slightest sign of exacerbating the strain.

Sidney Rice (RED): He's out with a knee sprain, which will test the depth, especially with a new QB this week.

Bernard Berrian (YELLOW): Turf toe. Yeah, another one. Berrian's played pretty well through it, but his speed is definitely affected.

Aundrae Allison (YELLOW): Allison should be making hay off an opportunity here, but he's banged up as well. Do the Colts DBs aside from Bob Sanders hit that hard?


Laurence Maroney (YELLOW): If someone tells you that they don't know that Maroney's chronic subluxating shoulder is his problem, why do you keep listening? He's likely to play, but will definitely lose touches in a deep rotation.

LaMont Jordan (RED): Sources tell me Jordan could play if needed, but with three options, the Pats will take the long view and sit him this week.

Carson Palmer (GREEN): He's healthy and not that mobile normally, so an mild ankle sprain isn't an issue. A crappy line is a problem.


Ahman Green (RED): I almost didn't list Green, since he shouldn't be on a fantasy roster at all. His ankle has him out again this week.

Mark Bruener (RED): Bruener will miss this week's game with a hamstring strain,

Justin Gage (RED): Gage's groin slowed him all week. While called a game-time decision, Gage isn't likely to log significant minutes or targets.



Saints DST (YELLOW): All four DBs are on the injury report in a week where they'll face a tough passing attack. That's bad.

Darrell Jackson (RED): Jackson's presence hasn't been missed. He's unlikely to play and is sliding towards irrelevance.

Lions DST (YELLOW): The Lions get to face Mike Martz with a lot of dings on their defensive front. That should give J.T. O'Sullivan more time.

Niners O-Line (YELLOW):Jonas Jennings could be lost for the season, a big blow to both run and pass attacks.


Seahawks O-Line (YELLOW): Losing both tackles is really going to make it tougher on Matt Hasselbeck and what's left of the interior running game.

Koren Robinson (RED): If you were making a Hail Mary play for Robinson, not only is he not integrated into the offense, he's hobbled by a sore knee.

Deion Branch (RED): Several emails asking me about Branch. Despite being listed as "doubtful" on the OIR, Branch is out this week and the Week 5 return is still the target. There's some chance he continues to progress. Combine that with the Seahawks WR situation and Mike Holmgren may push it.

Jamal Lewis (YELLOW): Lewis is like Plaxico Burress. He'll miss practice every week, then come in and start like nothing was wrong. If you're starting him, dial back expectations with Eric Steinbach out today.

Braylon Edwards (CWM): First it was a cut on his foot and now Edwards hurt his shoulder. He must have done it while dropping a pass. He's very questionable this week and will be a game-time decision.

Donte Stallworth (RED): They used to call Stallworth the "Human Hamstring Pull." He's versatile now; this time it's his quad that will keep him out.

Willis McGahee (YELLOW): McGahee got a bit lucky with the "hurricane bye". The extra rest has him very close to taking over the feature load at RB.

Todd Heap (YELLOW): Heap's used to being a bit hobbled and will play.

Jags O-Line (RED): They're pulling guys back in off the street in hopes of just having enough bodies to make it through a game. The team will have another tough time, though the Colts undersized offense offsets some issues.

Fred Taylor (YELLOW): Taylor's as affected by the line's problems as his sore toe. He'll play.

Maurice Jones-Drew (GREEN): Jones-Drew might lose a bit of shiftiness, but without Sanders tracking him, he should be able to put up nice numbers despite the ankle bracing.

Jerry Porter (YELLOW): He's called a game-time decision, but indications are that he'll play. He won't be the WR1, only spotting in as a situational receiever and even decoy.

Dallas Clark (YELLOW): Great early reports on Dallas Clark, so you can upgrade him. He'll cost Anthony Gonzalez some targets after his huge Week 2.

Colts O-Line (YELLOW): I'm not sure how Jeff Saturday goes from torn MCL to not on the OIR in one week, but that's what he did. He will help the line, but the two guards and Tony Ugoh aren't starters, so don't expect another miracle.

Colts DST (YELLOW): Without Sanders, the defense won't collapse. It's just the run support from the little heatseeker that they'll miss, especially against a tough Jags rushing attack.

Ben Roethlisberger (GREEN): The shoulder injury, whatever you want to call it, is no problem. Big Ben's got his fastball.

Steelers DST (GREEN): Losing Brent Keisel is a tough one (and he is likely done for the year), so watch to see how the Steelers find some pass rush.

Reggie Brown (YELLOW): Brown's going to get his first action this week, but with DeSean Jackson establishing himself as a playmaker, Brown could find himself the WR2 until Kevin Curtis gets back. Brown's not a great start this week.

Eagles O-Line (YELLOW):Shawn Andrews is out for the Eagles, which should have more of an effect picking up the Steelers' blitzes for Donovan McNabb than it will to slowing the shifty Brian Westbrook. Look for Westbrook to be slotted out a bit more.

Jason Witten (GREEN): Witten seems like one of those guys who'd play with a tourniquet on, doesn't he? He'll play through a sore shoulder.

Cowboys DST (GREEN): They have depth at corner, where Terence Newman is still hurting, and will only miss Roy Williams in run support.

Ryan Grant (YELLOW): If you liked last week's performance, you'll love this week's. Everything's the same, except it's a much tougher defense.

Packers DST (YELLOW):Charles Woodson looks ready to play. While they'll feel the effects of some lingering injuries, the Pack expects to have everyone available for the big game. The Packers D won't have Atari Bigby, but will have Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. Losing Bigby hurts the secondary and really opens things up for Witten.

Lavaranues Coles (YELLOW): Coles will play but the strained quad and his lack of rapport with Brett Favre are hampering his fantasy numbers. Is a guy named "Chansi" really the WR2 in Jersey now?

Mike Nugent (RED): He's a kicker. Move on.

LaDanian Tomlinson (RED): Having this be the Monday night game makes it insanely tough. Tomlinson's toe, as you read on Thursday, is going to need time to heal up, but he's likely to play.

Chargers O-Line (YELLOW):Marcus McNeill is back, but iffy, and there's still no Nick Hardwick in the middle.

Darren Sproles (GREEN): The Chargers added Sproles to the OIR at the last possible minute due to a sore hamstring. WIth Tomlinson hurting, the backup was expected to get at worst a half share of the touches.