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It's Getting Drafty In Here

Dwyane Wade: AP

With the NBA season less than a week away, it's time to get very serious about NBA fantasy drafts. By almost all accounts, the top two picks are LeBron James and Chris Paul. Beyond that, though, what? Do you trust Shawn Marion in Miami's slow-down offense? Will Dwyane Wade be healthy this season? Mock Draft Central offers a useful pick-by-pick experts mock draft, but if you're looking for a bit more insight, check out the in-depth analyses offered by the good folks at Dropping Dimes. Sorry, We're still not convinced about Marion.

Draft For Need, Not Talent

It seems obvious if you think about it, but building a fantasy hoops team for a head-to-head league is quite a different beast than building one for a straight rotisserie-style format. How different? Nels Wadycki breaks it down in the Chicago Sun-Times Fantasy factor blog. Simply put, don't worry about getting the best player; worry about getting the best-fitting player. Nels offers a lot more advice over at his Give Me The Rock blog, which has everything from positional tiers to depth charts to player breakdowns.

Trouble With A Capital T.O.

As if the Cowboys don't have enough problems, Dave Stringer at Fantasy Football Today wonders how Terrell Owens will handle the contract extension Dallas owner Jerry Jones gave to receiver Roy Williams, a deal that includes more guaranteed money than T.O. has coming to him. We suppose it won't be a problem if the Boys get back on a winning path. If things continue to spiral out of control, though ... it may not be ridiculous to consider dealing T.O. before he deals himself out of the lineup.

Defense Wins Championships

Albert Haynesworth: Bob Rosato /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

We recently had an argument in the mothership about whether or not the Titans were headed to this year's Super Bowl. According to Cold Hard Football Facts, the Tennessee pass defense is performing at a level beyond some of the greatest NFL champs of all time. The debate win this provides is small consolation, though, for our mistake in taking the Colts defense over the Titans' on draft day.

Fantasy From The Inside

So much of the fantasy world is advice-oriented. The Fantasy Blogger, though, offers a view from the inside of a fantasy site. Namely, that it isn't as fabulous as some of us might think. Still, that doesn't mean the site doesn't have some intriguing advice, like forgetting all the numbers and going with your gut,which is a lot harder than we all may admit.

Some Things Never Change

Considering Larry Brown reportedly is already sick of his Bobcats roster, it should come as little surprise that Raymond Felton is one of the point guards you'll want to avoid if possible, argues RotoExperts' Basketball roundtable. Can't say we disagree, but we're evn more concerned about Chauncey Billups, whose time limitations in preparation for the playoffs may not make him the early-round staple he has become.

Working The Wire

In far too many leagues perfectly useful players are left on the waiver wire, waiting for some team with a gaping need to pluck them from a life without fantasy purpose. But need shouldn't guide your waiver-wire moves. So says Hatty Waiver Wire Guru, who suggests picking up that available talent for a need somewhere down the line, perhaps in trade or just to keep a rival team from picking them up.

Come One, Come All

At long last, has a fantasy football game, complete with all of the drafts, waiver wires, stats and analysis you need. Take the grand tour here and sign up a league. Heck, sign up two leagues if you want. We'll be waiting.

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