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Regret in the making?: Fantasy Clicks

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Regret In The Making?

Chauncey Billups: Elsa/Getty Images

Before either Allen Iverson or Chauncey Billups has played a game with their new teams, Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus has declared the Nuggets got the better of the Iverson-Billups trade. Not only is Billups a better fit, but a better player, writes Pelton. Both are defensible positions, and one Joe Dumars may regret -- this season, at least.

End Of An Era

While the next few months will be the ultimate arbiter on who won the Allen Iverson-Chauncey Billups trade, Free Darko argues that the deal puts a final stake in the big man era. More important to us fantasy players, Free Darko also thinks Iverson's arrival may be just the tonic Rasheed Wallace and Rip Hamilton need to quit going through the motions and play some ball. There also looks to be a lot to smile about for Carmelo Anthony owners, who should reap a nice boost in 'Melo's scoring numbers.

Bad News For Jets Fans

Brett Favre threw his 300th interception last weekend against the Bills. The news gets worse, according to Cold Hard Football Facts. Seems after starting the season on a roll, the Jets QB has been putrid over the last four games. We hope selling those personal seat licenses was worth the Hall of Fame rental.

Next Year Is Now ... For Some Of Us

Tim Hightower: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

If you happen to have a team that is 2-7 (no names, please) and you happen to have little chance of reaching your league's playoffs (squirming uncomfortably), then perhaps you might sleep easier if you can focus on next year. Maybe the Hazean is in the same boat, because the site has offered up the 12 best players to stash away in keeper leagues. Now if I could only get my hands on one of these players ...

Devil In The Details

The New Jersey Devils found out Tuesday that they would be without their start goalkeeper, Martin Brodeur, for the next 3-4 months with a torn left biceps. How will the Devils cover the yawning gap between the pipes? Not easily, write Rich Chere and Colin Stephenson of the Star-Ledger.

The Air Is Thin In Denver

Time was earlier this season the Broncos were a fantasy juggernaut. Where did those days go? Thanks to a soft defense and erratic running game, Jay Cutler and the Denver passing game have been forced to shoulder an undue share of the load, writes's Greg Rosenthal. Not only does Mr. Rosnethal break down the Broncos woes, he offers up a stew of fantasy insights, guarantees and explanations.

Ace For Sale

Hard as it may be to believe, Jake Peavy may well be pitching elsewhere next season. Will he be worth the $20 million-plus deal he likely will sign? Not quite, according to The Hardball Times. Oh, he'll help a contender into the playoffs, but if any club is expecting to get an ace, they had best be careful to consider where he's pitched (the hurler-friendly PETCO) and the risk inherent for all pitchers. Does that mean we're not grabbing him in Round 3 next spring? No, but it does mean we'll be watching where he goes very closely.

Quoth The Ravens, Nevermore

This has been coming for awhile, but it looks like Willis McGahee has lost his hold on the starting job in the Ravens backfield. Guess being a gametime decision each week and having a promising rookie pile up 154 yards rushing in your absence will do that.

Come One, Come All

At long last, has a fantasy football game, complete with all of the drafts, waiver wires, stats and analysis you need. Take the grand tour here and sign up a league. Heck, sign up two leagues if you want. We'll be waiting.

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