The Second Season: Fantasy Clicks

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The Second Season

Marion Barber: James D. Smith/Icon SMI

The fantasy football playoffs are upon us. Knowing who to play and whom to sit over the next four weeks is crucial. While's Jay Clemons will break down everything you need to know a little later this week, Michael McNeil of Bleacher Report has a quick preview of this year's potential playoff duds, broken down week-by week.

Unlucky 13

Week 13 was no way to go into the postseason, what with the losses of Plaxico Burress, Cleveland's Derek Andersonfor the season and Kellen Winslowfor the coming week. While the Anderson and Winslow injuries will eventually heal, the pain Burress has caused isn't likely to go away soon, writes's Michael McCann.

Just Like Old Times

Looks like J.R. Smith and George Karl are at it again. Or, more precisely, not at it, as the Nuggets coach revealed he and Smith don't talk, reports Steve Alexander in USA Today's Daily Dose. That can't bode well for Smith owners, who might end up wishing he was part of Alexander's extensive injury report instead.

A Superstar Is Drafted

Derrick Rose: Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Only eight players are averaging at least 18 points, four rebounds and five assists per game this season. Most are the usual suspects: LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Paul. But joining this list of the league's elite this season is rookie Derrick Rose, according to Stats' blog. And if Rose had more consistent offensive help this season in Chicago, he would rank even higher on the list than he already does. There's always room for another superstar in the league, and it looks like after all those years of high draft picks, the Bulls finally have one.

Drop The Puck

Hockey may be on the backburner of fantasy stove, but Darryl Dobbs at Dobber Hockey won't let it get pushed aside, not with a regular helping of Daily Ramblings about the latest performances, roster moves and lineup changes in the NHL each night. Required reading for those few still charmed by cold steel on ice.

Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?

Kerry Collins may have led the Titans to a one-loss season through 13 weeks but can his good fortune continue? Sort of, writes Fanball's Brian Jonas, who thinks Tennessee will lean heavily on the running game as they run out the clock on the regular season.

Reading The Tea Leaves

Joe Flacco was just one of Week 13's fantasy stars. Will he finally prove to be a consistent starter now that most playoff seasons are here. Lester's Legends has some thoughts on that and a few other fantasy heroes in his latest Get 'em or Don't Sweat 'em.

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