Moss a good addition for Titans

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• Moss: There were better places for Moss to land from a fantasy standpoint, but the most important thing about him being in Tennessee is that he should remain interested with the Titans firmly in the thick of the AFC race. He's got another downfield threat in Kenny Britt (when he returns) to take some pressure off him. He'll finally get his bye, which should give him some time to learn Tennessee's offense. He's got a quarterback who can keep plays alive in Vince Young, and one of the league's best running backs to keep defenses honest. Going forward, I rank Moss in the late-teens among wide receivers.

• Chris Johnson: Perhaps the greatest beneficiary from Moss' arrival. Johnson remains the team's most dangerous weapon, but defenses will have to commit a minimum of two guys to Moss at all times. More than anything, there should be more room for Johnson to operate underneath on passes out of the backfield.

• Vince Young: VY should love having a weapon like Moss split out wide. In him and Kenny Britt, Young now has two deep options. His ability to avoid pressure and extend plays should pay huge dividends with a player like Moss, who can still out-jump any defensive back in the league. I'm not calling him an every week starter, but he is more intriguing that just a backup, and could be a good play with the right matchup. I'm treating Young as a top-15 quarterback moving forward.

• Kenny Britt: It's always hard to judge how the addition of a one receiver will affect the guy already in place. Will his presence take away valuable targets, or will it draw away overwhelming coverage? I think an elite receiver is better off on his own, the way Larry Fitzgerald always played better when Anquan Boldin was hurt. For a guy like Britt, though, Moss is a welcome sight. Britt's not sneaking up on anybody anymore, but he's sure to see more single-coverage with Moss on the opposite side of the field. Yes, he likely won't get as many passes thrown his way, but he's still just as lethal in the red zone and on the deep ball as he's always been, and now there's a top-two receiver of all-time to help draw some attention away from him. Once Britt returns from injury, I'm upgrading him for the rest of the season.

• Kerry Collins: He's still worthless.

With bye weeks coming to an end after Week 10, the "should I start Chris Ivory or Mike Tolbert?" days hopefully will soon be behind us. That means that now is the time to trade any excess depth you might have to shore up your starting lineup.

Piggybacking off Will Carroll's column from Sunday, the David Garrards and Ben Tates of the world go off from week-to-week, but they aren't guys you can count on in your every Sunday. Once byes are over, you want to eliminate players like that from your starting lineup. The time is ripe to trade some of your depth players for one more weekly starter. There's still a window on which you can capitalize where an owner in your league may feel the crush of byes. I'd be offering up two or three players (think BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Marshawn Lynch, even Dez Bryant) for one star that you can count on week-in, week-out. Having six startable running backs does you no good in Week 11.

I did see one true breakout among all the unlikely stars last Sunday, and that was Tampa Bay running back LeGarrette Blount. We touted him in this space last week, and it's safe to say he secured the starting role with his 122-yard, two-touchdown performance. Nik Bonaddio of numberFire has more: "Week 9 will be a true test for Blount however, now that expectations are set and teams have some film to look at. The thing is -- what's there to look at? Here's Blount bowling over Gerald Hayes. Here's Blount flattening Paris Lenon. And here's him thundering into the end zone with a locomotive entropy not seen since Jerome Bettis was more than a cereal salesman. One game is not enough to draw meaning from, but Blount's effective rushing rate (72%) brings up other bruising comparables in Eddie George (95%) and Ironhead Heyward (93%), which gives him an advantage over a stout, but undersized Falcons front."

He looks like a true 20-carry-per-game back going forward, and that's something I want in my lineup every week.


1. Philip Rivers @ Texans2. Aaron Rodgers vs. Cowboys3. Peyton Manning @ Eagles4. Eli Manning @ Seahawks5. Drew Brees @ Panthers6. Matt Schaub vs. Chargers7. Matt Ryan vs. Buccaneers8. Tom Brady @ Browns9. Joe Flacco vs. Dolphins10. Matthew Stafford vs. Jets11. Mark Sanchez @ Lions12. Michael Vick vs. Colts13. Jay Cutler @ Bills (in Toronto)14. Ben Roethlisberger @ Bengals15. Jon Kitna @ Packers

Running backs

1. Adrian Peterson vs. Cardinals2. Michael Turner vs. Buccaneers3. Ahmad Bradshaw @ Seahawks4. Jamaal Charles @ Raiders5. Arian Foster vs. Chargers6. Ray Rice vs. Dolphins7. Rashard Mendenhall @ Bengals8. Darren McFadden vs. Chiefs9. LeSean McCoy vs. Colts|10. Beanie Wells @ Vikings11. Matt Forte @ Bills (in Toronto)12. LaDainian Tomlinson @ Lions13. Peyton Hillis vs. Patriots14. Cedric Benson vs. Steelers15. LeGarrette Blount @ Falcons16. Thomas Jones @ Raiders17. Ryan Mathews @ Texans18. Jahvid Best vs. Jets19. DeAngelo Williams vs. Saints20. Ronnie Brown @ Ravens21. BenJarvus Green-Ellis @ Browns22. Chris Ivory @ Panthers23. Shonn Greene @ Lions24. Marshawn Lynch vs. Giants25. Fred Jackson vs. Bears26. Michael Bush vs. Chiefs27. Mike Hart @ Eagles28. Felix Jones @ Packers29. Brandon Jackson vs. Cowboys30. Mike Tolbert @ Texans

Wide receivers

1. Roddy White vs. Buccaneers2. Andre Johnson vs. Charger3. Hakeem Nicks @ Seahawks4. Reggie Wayne @ Eagles5. Greg Jennings vs. Cowboys6. Miles Austin @ Packers7. Calvin Johnson vs. Jets8. Anquan Boldin vs. Dolphins9. Brandon Marshall @ Ravens10. Jeremy Maclin vs. Colt11. Marques Colston @ Panthers12. Steve Smith (NYG) @ Seahawks13. Terrell Owens vs. Steelers14. Larry Fitzgerald @ Vikings15. Mike Wallace @ Bengals16. Dwayne Bowe @ Raiders17. Johnny Knox @ Bills (in Toronto)18. Dez Bryant @ Packers19. Mike Williams (TB) @ Falcons20. Hines Ward @ Bengals21. Percy Harvin vs. Cardinals22. Davone Bess @ Dolphins23. James Jones vs. Packers24. Patrick Crayton @ Texans25. Santonio Holmes @ Lions26. Pierre Garcon @ Eagles27. Braylon Edrwadrs @ Lions28. Chad Ochocino @ Steelers29. Lee Evans vs. Bears30. Brandon Tate @ Browns

NOTE: I'd start Malcom Floyd if he plays, but Norv Turner isn't optimistic early in the week.

Tight ends

1. Antonio Gates @ Texans2. Zach Miller vs. Chiefs3. Tony Gonzalez vs. Buccaneers4. Dustin Keller @ Lions5. Jason Witten @ Packers6. Aaron Hernandez @ Browns7. Jacob Tamme @ Eagles8. Kellen Winslow @ Falcons9. Todd Heap vs. Dolphins10. Brandon Pettigrew vs. Jets11. Tony Moeaki @ Raiders12. Brent Celek vs. Colts13. Heath Miller @ Bengals14. Jermaine Gresham vs. Steelers15. Anthony Fasano @ Ravens

Another perfect week last week, although the Chiefs made us sweat it out for as long as possible. Week 9 looks like the toughest week yet, and that's even if you're picking from scratch.

1. Atlanta Falcons (vs. Buccaneers): Tampa Bay is playing well, but let's not forget that they went down to the wire with Arizona and St. Louis in the last two weeks. The NFC may not be a powerhouse, but Atlanta looks like, at worst, one of the three best teams in the conference. I'm expecting big games out of both Michael Turner and Roddy White. The Falcons are also the only home team I really like, and I always try to go with a home team in survivor.

2. Green Bay Packers (vs. Cowboys): This is a game the Packers need, and should have against a team that just got smoked by the Jaguars at home. David Garrard summed it up best when he said, "It just looked like they weren't into the game like an NFL team should be." Ouch. That won't fly against Aaron Rodgers and company.

3. New England Patriots (@ Browns): This is more about believing in the Patriots than doubting the Browns. The 2010 Patriots looks an awful lot like those early-2000s versions of the Pats when you weren't really sure who their starting receivers were (David Patten ring a bell?), and they seemed beatable every week, but they just kept on winning by playing smart. I don't see them dropping a game in Cleveland. I also thought about the Saints here.

Thanks to all my new Twitter followers for checking out my very abbreviated thoughts. If you have a question about your lineup, trades, the greatest rock and roll album of all time (Sticky Fingers) or anything else, drop me a line at @MBeller.