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Packers Fantasy Football Preview: Davante Adams and Aaron Jones

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For years Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was considered the best quarterback in Fantasy Football but now his teammates Aaron Jones and Davante Adams have stolen the spotlight in fantasy drafts. According to the latest ADP data, Jones is being drafted as the tenth running back and the 15th overall player while Adams is getting picked as a Top 5 wide receiver and the 13th overall player.

Since both Adams and Jones are practically coming off the board in around the same area, Sports Illustrated’s fantasy analyst Corey Parson and PackerCentral writer Bill Huber debate which is the better pick in fantasy football.

Read the full transcript from their interview here:

Kaitlin O'Toole: Sports Illustrated is taking you inside the world of fantasy sports. Joining me now from Packers Central is Bill Huber and SI fantasy and gambling analyst Corey Parson. Bill, Aaron Jones had a breakout season last year. Do you think that will carry over into 2020?

Bill Huber: I do. You know, he had he led the league in touchdowns. That's awfully hard to duplicate. But I think unlike last year, he is a little cut number one back right now. So I think that transfers over on. My question there with him, though, is A: he's got some injury history, and B: he's a little bit of a one year wonder. So, you know, can you replicate that top tier fantasy level? I'm not quite sure about that.

Kaitlin O'Toole: OK. Corey, which Packer would you rather have on your fantasy team, Davante Adams or Aaron Jones?

Corey Parson: That's a tough one right there. Aaron Jones, obviously being a running back confident position, scarcity, I think the wide receiver position will be a deeper position for fantasy football this year. But I want to side with Davante Adams on this one. Davante Adams has had dominant seasons last year, banged up, missed a couple of games, but still has put up a thousand yards receiving. The season before that outside of Michael Thomas is one of the best wide receivers in fantasy football. He is Aaron Rodgers' go-to guys and main weapon in the passing game. Now, one thing I will say about Aaron Jones, he did come on last year and we saw him do well. And I do think he's a tough option in this in this rushing attack. But he has a contract coming up pretty soon at the end of this season. And I don't think the Packers are that type of team is going to pay a big franchise back. So I think we can start to see a little bit more of a split as the Packers maybe try to maintain him.

Kaitlin O'Toole: All right, guys, thank you so much for your insight on this. Appreciate it. For all of the latest fantasy and gambling analysis, stay with