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Fantasy Football: Top 50 Dynasty QBs

The foundation of your dynasty fantasy football team starts with your quarterback. Who are the top players you need to own in order to win a championship?

The dynasty format elevates fantasy football by making the game more closely resemble the real world. There’s no reset button every season. Your decisions have lasting consequences and benefits that ripple out for years into the future.

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1. Patrick Mahomes - Chiefs - Age: 24

Sit back and enjoy the ride. We are in the early years of a Hall of Fame career.

2. Lamar Jackson - Ravens - Age: 23

Even if 2019 ends up being his best season, his production will continue to be huge.

3. Deshaun Watson - Texans - Age: 24

Losing DeAndre Hopkins isn’t a good thing, but we are embarking on a new direction for Watson in this offense.

4. Kyler Murray - Cardinals - Age: 22

We are all expecting a big leap forward and that’s built into this ranking.

5. Dak Prescott - Cowboys - Age: 26

Prescott improved his touchdown total by eight and beat out his best passing yard mark by more than 1,000 yards. A small regression should be expected.

6. Russell Wilson - Seahawks - Age: 31

It seems that no matter what Wilson puts numbers on the board. He’s never missed a game and age is only a minor concern.

7. Josh Allen - Bills - Age: 24

The Bills are finally piecing together an offense around him. Stefon Diggs addition could help him turn the corner.

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8. Aaron Rodgers - Packers - Age: 36

Hasn’t been elite since the year before his 2017 injury. Proven track record carries his ranking.

9. Tua Tagovailoa - Dolphins - Age: 22

Love his ability to break down defenses and find the open man. Sky’s the limit.

10. Joe Burrow - Bengals - Age: 23

Every bit as good as Tagovailoa and will benefit from an above-average supporting cast.

11. Jared Goff - Rams - Age: 25

One down year and suddenly everyone’s got cold feet. Reality is somewhere between 2018 and 2019.

12. Matt Ryan - Falcons - Age: 35

Excluding one down year in 2017, Ryan has been excellent. Elite WR group will help him hold his ranking..

13. Baker Mayfield - Browns - Age: 25

Expectations were probably too high but we still haven’t seen the best of him

14. Daniel Jones - Giants - Age: 22

Sneaky good rookie season considering the limits of the Giants offense.

15. Carson Wentz - Eagles - Age: 27

Up-and-down career with injuries and inconsistent WR production. I need him to level out before I put him any higher.

16. Matthew Stafford - Lions - Age: 32

He was on pace for a very good 2019 season, by the numbers. Something just feels off for me.

17. Sam Darnold - Jets - Age: 22

Darnold still has a long way to go. We’re probably being too forgiving despite the Jets’ poor supporting cast on offense.

18. Drew Lock - Broncos - Age: 23

Everybody is anticipating a big jump in Year 2. They’ve added weapons on offense so it’s time for Lock to hold up his end of the bargain.

19. Jimmy Garoppolo - 49ers - Age: 28

Hopefully 2019 was just the beginning and not the peak of what we can expect from Garoppolo.

20. Teddy Bridgewater - Panthers - Age: 27

The Panthers won’t ask him to win games often, but we can expect a healthy dose of short and intermediate passes to get the ball to the playmakers.

21. Justin Herbert - Chargers - Age: 22

My least favorite of the top five QBs from the 2020 class, but the situation is that favorable. The Chargers will give him at least two years to figure it out.

22. Drew Brees - Saints - Age: 41

If you’re in win-now mode, he’s higher on the list.

23. Kirk Cousins - Vikings - Age: 31

Cousins had his worst season since becoming a regular starter. I expect a rebound this year and high QB2 numbers beyond.

24. Ryan Tannehill - Titans - Age: 31

Even though he carried the Titans deep into the postseason, Tannehill wasn’t THAT much better than his best weeks in Miami. A solid dynasty backup.

25. Philip Rivers - Colts - Age: 38

It’ll be interesting to see how far an improved offensive line can take Rivers. Win-now teams only.

26. Tom Brady - Buccaneers - Age: 42

Never heard of him. I kid, I kid. Borderline QB1 in any season he has left. Win-now teams only.

27. Ben Roethlisberger - Steelers - Age: 38

Another win-now only option. This offense will not pick up where it left off back when Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell were there. Expectations need to be realistic.

28. Taysom Hill - Saints - Age: 29

Supposedly he will be the man when Brees leaves.

29. Gardner Minshew III - Jaguars - Age: 24

Had some nice moments, but they were fleeting given the Jaguars' troubles across the board on offense and defense. Only two games with 300 or more passing yards in 2019.

30. Dwayne Haskins - Redskins - Age: 23

Will he be the starter by Week 8? Haskins has a lot to prove before he should come close to your starting lineup.

31. Derek Carr - Raiders - Age: 29

32. Jarrett Stidham - Patriots - Age: 23

33. Jameis Winston - Saints - Age: 26

34. Jordan Love - Packers - Age: 21

35. Andy Dalton - Cowboys - Age: 32

36. Jalen Hurts - Eagles - Age: 21

37. Tyrod Taylor - Chargers - Age: 30

38. Nick Foles - Bears - Age: 31

39. Cam Newton - Free Agent - Age: 31

40. Mitchell Trubisky - Bears - Age: 25

41. Kyle Allen - Redskins - Age: 24

42. Mason Rudolph - Steelers - Age: 24

43. Jacoby Brissett - Colts - Age: 27

44. Jacob Eason - Colts - Age: 22

45. Jake Fromm - Bills - Age: 21

46. Ryan Fitzpatrick - Dolphins - Age: 37

47. Marcus Mariota - Raiders - Age: 26

48. PJ Walker - Panthers - Age: 25

49. Nick Mullens - 49ers - Age: 25

50. Will Grier - Panthers - Age: 25