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The Titans running back dominated the league in 2019 and led the NFL in rushing but what’s his expected output for 2020?

After watching Derrick Henry run all over NFL defenses to the tune of 1,540 yards, which led the league, and 16 touchdowns, fantasy football players are jumping at the opportunity to draft Henry in the first round. The latest Average Draft Position data shows Henry is coming off draft boards as the sixth overall pick. There is one area in Henry’s game that could use a boost and that’s his role in the passing attack. Henry has yet to have a season with more than 20 receptions and 25 targets. 

Even without attractive receiving stats Henry still managed to finish as a Top 5 running back in 2019 but can his eye-popping stats from last season be duplicated for 2020? That’s the question we asked AllTitans editor David Boclair and Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analyst Corey Parson.

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Bill Enright: Derrick Henry led the entire NFL in rushing yards in 2019. And ended up as a top five running back in fantasy football. Well, what should fantasy football managers think of him for 2020? To find out what the experts thing I bring on David Boclair who covers the Titans, along with SI's fantasy analyst Corey Parson. David, I'm going to start with you, because we know Derrick Henry is the focal point of this offense. But over 500 carries is the last two seasons. Can you see the Titans running Henry into the ground yet again in 2020. 

David Boclair: Well, keep in mind though, Derrick Henry's not involved that heavily in the passing game. Bill, this is a guy who only played 59 percent of the Titans offensive snaps last season, which is significantly less than guys like Christian McCaffrey and Nick Chubb and Ezekiel Elliott. It's what he does with those plays that he's on the field. He's particularly good on first down where he had 31 carries that went for first downs on first down last year and was second among all running backs with nine rushing touchdowns on first down last year. So, you know, it's sort of this mix with him. If the Titans are losing, he's not going to give you a whole lot. But if the Titans are winning. He's a guy you can probably ride a a good distance this year. 

Bill Enright: Corey, let me go over to you, because David brought up a great point about Henry's lack of involvement in the passing attack. He has yet to have a season with more than 20 catches. If you're playing in a PPR league, are you shying away from drafting Derrick Henry because of that? Or do you think his rushing production is just so good that it carries all his weight? 

Corey Parson: Well, he has a top five ADP right now. With a top five ADP, those running backs are running backs that catch passes. And right now, as you say, Derrick Henry does not do that. And I don't think he's going to have to start doing that. It's not a part of his M.O. Last season's success was based on the way he got rolling late and his touchdown numbers. He had sixteen rushing touchdowns last year. If those touchdowns regressed, then Derrick Henry's still a top five fantasy asset. 

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