Fox Sports adds Guillen to booth

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Baseball fans, get ready for a bleeping interesting analyst. has learned that Ozzie Guillen, the colorful and occasionally profanity-laden manager of the White Sox, has been hired by Fox Sports to serve as a pre- and postgame analyst for the network's World Series coverage. He will debut alongside Chris Rose, Eric Karros and Mark Grace on Oct. 28 at 7:30 p.m. ET. Guillen will also file reports for Fox Sports Espanol.

The 45-year-old Guillen has a long history of using colorful language in postgame meetings with the press. Last month he erupted after the White Sox lost by seven runs to the Tigers on Sept. 26. According to the Chicago Tribune, Guillen was upset when he saw his players watching a football game following the loss.

Said Guillen: "[Do] they think the season's over for them? Yes. If they think the season's over for me, no. And I'm going to make it clear. It's a bunch of [bleeps] out there watching football games like a piece of [bleep] with no pride the way they [bleep] play, and that's embarrassing.

"I'm not in a pennant race, but at least I have some pride. ... When you go out there and you turn your TV on and watch stupid-ass football when those [bleep] football players don't give a [bleep] about you, that's embarrassing.

"We have how many games, seven games they have to put their [bleep] together. Because I don't mind losing games. That's part of the game. But when you lose games and you don't even care about it, we're going to have problems. ... Getting your ass kicked like that, then all of a sudden you're watching football games, that's a bunch of [bleep]."

In 2008, Guillen famously unleashed a verbal tirade before the White Sox faced the Blue Jays in Toronto:

"We won it a couple years ago, and we're horse[bleep]," Guillen said of the White Sox winning the World Series in 2005, according to the Tribune. "The Cubs haven't won in [100] years, and they're the [bleeping] best. [Bleep] it, we're good. [Bleep] everybody. We're horse[bleep], and we're going to be horse[bleep] the rest of our lives, no matter how many World Series we win.

"We are the [bleep] of Chicago. We're the Chicago [bleep]. We have the worst owner [Jerry Reinsdorf]. The guy's got seven [bleeping] rings, and he's the [bleeping] horse[bleep] owner."

"How about the Cubs celebrating that Lee Elia bull[bleep]? How many times do I curse people out? I will make a lot of money with my [stuff]. I have to keep going because in the future Ozzie will need money, and I can say, 'Here, give me money, here's the 10-year anniversary of my time I called [Jay] Mariotti stuff and the time I went on the radio and cursed out Mike North,'" Guillen said.

Indeed as he referenced above, Guillen called into North's radio show in 2007 and got into a profanity-heavy argument with the host.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this month that Guillen had turned down several requests by the networks inquiring about the manager's services, but Fox continued the pursuit and landed Guillen this week.