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Yankees close to signing Rivera, make progress with Jeter

The New York Yankees are close to re-signing iconic closer Mariano Rivera to a two-year deal worth close to $30 million, sources confirm. Rivera has decided to remain with the Yankees, rejecting three other offers of three years, one which is said to have been made by the rival Red Sox.

Meanwhile, the Yankees made progress with their other free agent icon Derek Jeter on Thursday, though agreement there isn't necessarily imminent. The star shortstop Jeter is expected to eventually return to the Yankees, but there is still work to do. The Yankees raised their original $45-million, three-year offer, and Jeter lowered his original request, raising optimism for a deal.

The New York Daily News first reported there would be a $30-million deal by Friday with Rivera.

Last season, Rivera, 41, finished with 33 saves and a 1.80 ERA.

Two of Rivera offers are believed to have come from the Red Sox and Angels. It isn't surprising, considering he had one of his best seasons in a storied career. The Red Sox's reputed try is interesting in that they already have Jonathan Papelbon and Daniel Bard for the bullpen.

Jeter was originally thought to be seeking about $23 million over five years.

Jeter, an 11-time All-Star and key member of five World Series champions for the Yankees since 1996, is coming off a 10-year, $189 million contract.