Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
June 18, 2017

Not only is the battle between the Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Dodgers the best three-way race in the majors this season (by far)—it could go down as one of the best ever, the way things are shaping up out west. The three best records in the National League over the past month all belong to these NL West contenders: 20–10 for the Rockies, 20–8 for the D-Backs, and 20–8 for the Dodgers. 

And while proponents of fair play at all costs might argue against unbalanced schedules, the stretch run of this season looks absolutely delicious if all three clubs can keep the good times going, given all the times these three meet in the season’s final month. To wit: The Rockies start September with a stretch of 11 of 14 games against the Diamondbacks and Dodgers, then end the season with three at Coors Field, again against L.A. 

For a Rockies club that’s finished no better than third in each of the past seven seasons, and below .500 for each of the last six, the Rocktober possibilities are almost too much fun to imagine.

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