David Zalubowski/AP
June 18, 2017

As the Giants sit mired in last place in the NL West, the flickering embers of their 2010–14 mini-dynasty dying out, they might want to consider drastic measures. The Giants own the worst offense in all of baseball this season. They also field the second-oldest group of position players in the game. So the offense’s future looks just as bleak as its present.

That’s where Jeff Samardzija comes in. Sure, he just got strafed for eight runs at Coors Field on Friday night. But the Shark also made a bit of history, launching a home run 446 feet—the longest shot by a pitcher in the Statcast era. His Isolated Power mark (slugging average minus batting average) actually tops Hunter Pence this season. Give the guy a glove and send him out there every day. At the very least it would be entertaining to watch...something nobody can say about the Giants in 2017.

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