Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images
July 16, 2017

National League outfielders (minimum 240 plate appearances), ranked by park-adjusted offense (by wRC+, 100 is average, so a mark of, say, 125 would be 25% better than average):

Bryce Harper, 164 wRC+

Cody Bellinger, 149 wRC+

Michael Conforto, 145 wRC+

Marcell Ozuna, 143 wRC+

Tommy Pham, 138 wRC+

In a frustrating season full of disappointment, the Cardinals’ presumed fourth or fifth outfielder raking suddenly raking is a welcome surprise.

13. Texas Rangers (45–46, plus-31, LT: 11)

12. Seattle Mariners (46–47, plus-0, LT: 15)

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