After a potential trade between the Mets and the Yankees for Jay Bruce did not get done, information regarding previous failed trades was revealed.

By Khadrice Rollins
August 11, 2017

The Yankees were attempting to get outfielder Jay Bruce from the Mets. Instead he ended up being traded to Cleveland.

After that, the two rivals decided to see who could be the most petty and passive aggressive about the situation.

Reports started to come out that the Yankees had made a better offer than Cleveland.

What Exactly Are the Mets Doing After Trading Jay Bruce to Cleveland?

Then the Mets opinions on the situation started to come out.

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These two teams will get a chance to work out their problems when the face off four times next week. The Yankees host the first two games and the Mets will host the last two.

With the front offices not getting along, it could add some intensity to the rivalry. It seems unlikely that any trades will be happening between these two though.

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