• Alfonso Soriano showed up at Cubs-Rays on Tuesday evening presumably to watch his own team. It was hard not to notice how strong he looked.
By Gabriel Baumgaertner
September 19, 2017

It's hardly rare or surprising to see a former athlete put on a few pounds after their retirement. After years of rigorous weight training, plenty of former athletes end their playing days and subsequently let their once steely cores morph into paunches and their rock-hard biceps atrophy into flab.

So let us present to you the new model for how to retire: Alfonso Soriano. Soriano showed up at Tuesday night's Cubs-Rays game looking like he has spent his retirement watching and replicating the workouts of Hannibal For King. The scrawny Yankees rookie whose home run nearly won the 2001 World Series hardly looks like the same person that arrived at Tropicana Field on Monday. According to Cut4, Soriano has cultivated a serious workout program and found a willing partner in former Rays manager Lou Piniella.

Fortunately, that gives us an excuse to watch 11 minutes of Soriano's career highlights. Let us bask in his sweet, long swing that produced so many strikeouts, but many majestic home runs.


I miss that guy. 

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