A's Catcher Bruce Maxwell Says He Was Refused Service at Restaurant for Kneeling During Anthem

A's catcher Bruce Maxwell says a waiter declined to serve him because he kneeled during the national anthem.
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A's catcher Bruce Maxwell said in an interview with TMZ that he was denied service at a restaurant in his hometown in Alabama by a waiter who recognized him for kneeling during the national anthem.

Maxwell says he was getting lunch with a councilman when the waiter who was originally assigned to their table said he would not serve them because of Maxwell's decision to show solidarity with NFL players protesting police brutality and racial injustice after Donald Trump called players protesting during the anthem "sons of b****es."

"He denied us service at lunch and they had to go get us another waiter to wait on our table in that same restaurant," Maxwell said. "He was like, 'You the guy who took the knee? I voted for Trump and I stand for everything he stands for.'"

The councilman accompanying Maxwell spoke to the manager of the restaurant and the two were given a new waiter.

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"That's where I'm from," Maxwell said. "And like I said, unless you're subject to it, you won't understand it, you won't feel it. I'm 26 years old. I'm very respectful. I'm very educated. And it still happens to this day. That's why I'm kneeling—stuff like that."

Maxwell, 26, also said during the interview that he has been speaking with Colin Kaepernick about once a week after first kneeling during the anthem in late September.

In addition to Kaepernick, Maxwell said he has also received support from Dusty Baker, Coco Crisp, Torii Hunter and Adam Jones.

Maxwell is the only MLB player who has kneeled during the anthem.