Josh Beckett was reportedly arrested for tackling a country singer at an open mic night. 

By Charlotte Carroll
November 11, 2017

Former World Series champion Josh Beckett was reportedly arrested for public intoxication after tackling a country singer, reports TMZ.

He was at an open mic night at a Texas country club when he reportedly jumped on the stage to tackle the singer while he was performing.

TMZ said police were called, and that the singer suffered serious injuries, including a torn rotator cuff.

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Beckett reportedly admitted to stage diving in the police report. Beckett's lawyer told TMZ that the former major leaguer was engaging in horseplay, and he didn't mean to inure the singer.

Beckett, 37, pitched with the Marlins, Red Sox and Dodgers, and helped lead the Marlins to a World Series in 2003 and the Red Sox in 2007.

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