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The Rangers’ Dilly Dog Is Actually Wildly Popular

The people have spoken. The pickle corn dog is a winner. 

When it was revealed on the eve of the season, the Rangers’ new “Dilly Dog”—a hot dog stuffed into a hollowed-out pickle and deep fried in cornbread batter—was a divisive subject in the SI offices. Opinions were split as to whether this was a glorious marriage of two great foods or a culinary perversion. 

Well, the people of Texas have spoken and decided the Dilly Dog is a hit. 

During the first four games at Globe Life Park this season, the Rangers sold 2,500 of them at $10 apiece, according to WFAA. That means 1.7% of all fans attending those games purchased a Dilly Dog from the single stand that sells them (assuming no one ate more than one). 

The Rangers have responded by adding a second Dilly Dog stand on the opposite side of the stadium.

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“We have been overwhelmed at the demand for the Dilly Dogs by fans at Globe Life Park,” a spokesperson for the concession provider said in a statement. “As a result, we are adding a second location where fans can purchase this tasty treat. This will allow our customers to buy their Dilly Dogs and get back to their seats to enjoy the game.”

But that’s still just two stands on the lower level of the stadium. Rangers fans shouldn’t rest until this new delicacy is available all over the park.