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Jose Canseco Signs With Pro Wrestling Promotion

World Class Pro Revolution Wrestling has signed the enigmatic former slugger to a contract. 

Jose Canseco’s larger-than-life personality will feel right at home in a professional wrestling ring. 

Oklahoma-based World Class Revolution Pro Wrestling announced Monday that it has signed Canseco to a contract. 

“Professional wrestling and our other avenues of business have enabled us to start becoming a multimedia company which has always been our goal,” World Class Revolution CEO Jerry Bostic said in a statement. “We’re starting to effectively combine pop culture with our wrestling product and we’re seeing great results thus far and we’re just getting started.”

At age 54, it seems unlikely that Canseco will actually be getting in the ring and doing an suplexing or piledriving himself, although there’s no doubt he can hold his own on the microphone. 

World Class Revolution also made waves last weekend by signing former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, though Abraham will not be getting in the ring. Abraham, in fact, isn’t even slated to appear at a WCRPW event. Instead, she’ll be appearing at a comic-con apparently booked by Bostic.