Rays Roast Yankee Fans for Wearing Jerseys With Names on the Backs

Somebody should tell these people there is something on their Yankees jerseys that isn't supposed to be there.
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Any time a team can criticize the fans of a rival New York team, it's bound to happen. And Monday, Yankee fans gave the Rays an easy target.

Like, they literally put the bull's-eye right on their backs.

Well, not a bull's-eye, but it might as well be.

During the contest between New York and Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field, the Rays Twitter account decided to play a game with the visiting fans.

For those who don't know, in addition to the famous pinstripes, one of the other most notable characteristics of Yankees jerseys is that there are no last names on the backs for the players.

So whether it's a No. 2 for Derek Jeter or a No. 99 for Aaron Judge, the back of the jersey should only have numbers, no names.

Somebody forgot to tell these folks.

Even the Red Sox felt like seeing just how the game within the game unfolds.

The Yankees were not as amused and fired off a pretty solid clapback in defense of their fans who showed up to the stadium, even if there was an issue with their jerseys.

Would you rather have fans in non-official gear or empty seats?