Red Sox Banner ‘Found’ by Boston Bozos Goes Up at Fenway Park

They tried to hold the banner for ransom, but to no avail. 
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Earlier this week, two Massachusetts men came into possession of a banner meant to hang from the side of Fenway Park after the Red Sox clinched the American League East—and they held it for ransom. 

Although they drove a hard bargain, the guys eventually surrendered the banner without compensation and it went up at Fenway on Friday, the morning after the Sox clinched the division with a win over the Yankees in the Bronx. 

The men—Louie and James—said they found it on the side of a highway in Somerville, about four miles north of Fenway, wrapped in a paper bag. They were willing to give it back to team in exchange for tickets to a playoff game but James also warned they have “connections where we could have reached out to other sources.”

Though in an interview with the Boston Globe, the owner of the company that made the banner accused the guys of stealing it. Tony Lafuente of Flagraphics at first told the Globe he was unsure whether the banner “fell off the truck, or if it walked off the truck” before saying more directly, “these guys stole my banner.”