Watch: You Can't Get Enough of These Bad Lip Readings From the 2018 MLB Season

Take a look back at the MLB season in a way that is much funnier than just watching the best highlights.
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Are you still craving baseball even though the World Series is finished?

Well, you should check out the classic games available on SI TV. But if watching all-time great World Series matchups doesn't fulfill your fix, maybe taking a look back at this past season will do the trick.

Highlights from your favorite team or from around the league could be nice, but finding another way to get reminded of your favorite parts of the 2018 season might be more effective.

You want to look at those moments when two players were just being really goofy and you couldn't quite tell what the joke was? Catch the times when a manger was just losing it on an umpire and you could only make out which curse words he said and nothing else? How about the countless postgame interviews you knew could be more entertaining?

If only there was a way that we could consume that part of baseball...

The 2019 season starts up on March 20, 2019 with A's and Mariners playing in Tokyo.