Alex Cora’s Trash Talk, a Big Papi Cameo and More Highlights From the Red Sox’ World Series Parade

See all the best moments as the Red Sox and their fans celebrated down the streets of Boston on Wednesday.
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For the fourth time in 15 years, the Boston Red Sox and their fans are celebrating a World Series title. 

After clinching the series with a 5–1 Game 5 win over the Dodgers Sunday night, the Red Sox took the streets in duck boats on Wednesday for their 2018 World Series parade through Boston. The parade, which started at approximately 11 a.m. ET, started at Fenway Park and concluded near Boston's Government Center.

The city had a lot to celebrate. Before clinching the World Series title, the Red Sox were also the best team in baseball, winning 108 games in the regular season and going 11–3 in the postseason. Their combined 119 wins is the third best in MLB history.

Here are the best sights and sounds from Wednesday's festivities.

Alex Cora had one message for all the haters: "Suck on it." That's one way to kick off a parade.

Why celebrate one championship when you can celebrate all of them?

No fan is as lucky as the Boston sign kid. No one.

Introducing to the world, the Red Sox parade's biggest star.

Mookie Betts took in his first ever championship parade.

David Price, hype man of the year.

Some fans had a very legitimate request to ask of Chris Sale during Wednesday's parade.

Tom Brady, is that you?

Some fans literally never want to forget this day.

Even Elvis came out to show some love on Wednesday.

Red Sox fans are coming in clutch.

Update: Not so clutch

Even the mascot was soaking up the limelight.

Sing it, Boston.

Even though they’ve had so many of them, Boston’s enthusiasm for championship parades has not diminished.