Kapler lost his home in Malibu, which was a mile away from the Pacific Ocean.

By Kaelen Jones
November 13, 2018

Phillies manager Gabe Kapler lost his Malibu, Calif. home in the Woolsey fire, he told The Athletic's Matt Gelb.

Kapler's ex-wife and two sons left the home in accordance with a mandatory evacuation order. The blaze burned Kapler's home down to a steel staircase, but his words suggested he's not concerned with the personal impact.

“Keep talking about it,” Kapler told The Athletic. “When you’re out in your community, talk about it with other people. Use it as a way to come together. I sent this text message back to people: Talk about it. Shine light on it. Raise awareness. Feel it."

“That’s my main point for other people" he added. "We’re good. Our family is good. There are a lot of other families who are not.”

Recent wildfires across California have been historically devastating to the area. The Woolsey fire alone has scorched about 85,000 acres of land. In Northern California, the Camp fire in Paradise has claimed the lives of 42 people. It is now the deadliest fire in state history, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Kapler said citizens across the country have a responsibility "to shed light on the people who are in really, really dire straits," adding that it's imperative to raise awareness of the circumstances many affected by wildfires are left with.

“Everything [we owned in the house] is replaceable,” Kapler said. “There’s nothing … it’s all just stuff. A home was stuff. To so many people, that home is their shelter and their safe haven. But everything we lost is replaceable.”

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