IronPigs to Honor Philadelphia With Greatest Promotional Nickname Ever

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs might have come up with the greatest promotional nickname ever.
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This jawn finna be jumping.

The Phillies Triple-A affiliate, the Iron Pigs, is planning to celebrate Philadelphia on July 7 and they will take on a new nickname for the night.

So for one lucky day, there will be a professional baseball team called the Lehigh Valley Jawn.

If you don't know what "jawn" means because you never spent time around the Philadelphia area, it is simply a noun. Seriously. Any person, place or thing is at its core, a jawn.

"Yo, pass me that jawn over there."

"Did you see that jawn? I got to go talk to her."

"You going to that jawn on Saturday night?"

"You drove past the jawn. I told you to turn right when you see the jawn with the jawns hanging over the edge."

It is literally the most versatile word in the history of the English language.

"Each year, we try to come up with new and exciting jawns for our fans," IronPigs president and General Manager Kurt Landes said in a statement. "We've had cheesesteak jawns, Philly Special jawns, bacon jawns and more. We think this jawn is one of our best jawns yet. We can't wait to see the Pigs wear their Jawn jawns on July 7!"

It's a shame they didn't go with the "Jawns" just to keep the nickname plural, but this is good enough.

Mostly because the merch is so fire.