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Body Cam Footage Released After Cops Stop Yankees' Cashman for Mistaken Car Theft

Cashman was surrounded by police at a gas station last week after his vehicle was mistaken for a stolen car.

Video has been released that shows Connecticut police swarming Yankees general manager Brian Cashman last Friday with guns drawn after he was mistakenly identified for an armed car thief.

Cashman's white Jeep Wrangler was reported stolen last Saturday, but it was returned to him early in the week after NYPD found the car abandoned in the Bronx, per the New York Post. The vehicle was reportedly never removed from the stolen car list, which resulted in officers demanding Cashman put his hands up and exit his vehicle at a gas station in Darien, Conn.

During the stop, one of the officers told Cashman he looked “very familiar to me." Cashman explained that he was the Yankees general manager which prompted an apology from the officer.

“Yeah, I know,” the cop responded. “I used to see you at Brook Street Bagels when I was an Eastchester cop. I apologize for the embarrassment.”

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The 52-year-old Cashman was processed at the Norwalk Police Department and his car was taken off the stolen list.

"They’re clearly very professional and trained and they asked me to turn my car off, exit the vehicle, walk backward toward them," Cashman had said of the event Friday. “They searched my car, asked for my ID. I explained what was going on.”

Cashman has been the Yankees' GM since 1998. New York has won four World Series in Cashman's 21 seasons at the helm, reaching the playoffs in 17 of them.