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New Jersey Brewery Mocks Astros With 'Trash Can Banger' Beer

Baseball fans may not be able to taunt the Astros in ballparks across America this summer, but those who disapprove of Houston's sign-stealing can express their feelings with a beer from Jersey City, N.J. 

Departed Soles, a New Jersey brewery, introduced a new beer called "Trash Can Banger" on Thursday, featuring a can that harkens back to the Astros jerseys of the 1980s. What was the impetus for creating the beer? The answer is simple, according to owner and head brewer Brian Kulbacki.

"I'm not a fan of cheaters," Kulbacki told's Brendan Kuty

The Trash Can Banger has a 5.4% ABV, and can currently only be bought in New Jersey. But Kulbacki hopes to find a Texas brewer to begin selling his beer in the Lone Star State.

"We're all very big sports fans and we're all desperate for sports to come back," Kulbacki said. "We're desperate for anything to talk about other than a pandemic right now. So we thought it was an opportune time to put out a beer."