Trevor Bauer Criticizes Scott Boras for 'Meddling' in Players' Union Affairs

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As the MLB and the players' union continue to negotiate over how to handle the financial hurdles en route to beginning the 2020 season, Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer took to Twitter on Wednesday to voice his displeasure with one of the baseball industry's biggest power players: agent Scott Boras.

Bauer, citing rumors he'd been made aware of, is upset at Boras for apparently "meddling in MLBPA affairs."

The league's most recent proposal to the MLBPA reportedly included steeper pay cuts for higher-paid players. It's unclear whether that's the issue at the heart of Bauer's ire, as so far he's not included any specifics.

Earlier this month, Boras spoke out about MLB's 50–50 revenue split proposal, urging players to reject the deal.

“The players I represent are unified in that they reached an agreement and they sacrificed anywhere from 30 to 40% of their salaries so that the games could amicably continue,” said Boras. “The owners represented during that negotiation that they could operate without fans in the ballpark. Based on that, we reached an agreement and there will not be a renegotiation of that agreement.”

This past winter, Boras secured over $1 billion in contracts for his clients, a group that includes Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon and Hyun-Jin Ryu.