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Noah Syndergaard seems to be holding onto some resentment as he trolled Trevor Bauer weeks after Bauer signed with the Dodgers

Bauer flirted with the Mets for most of the offseason, and all signs pointed towards him heading to New York. With Bauer going to the defending World Champions, Syndergaard took to Twitter to throw shade. 

"And then he said......”I’m sorry I chose another team but I’ll donate to your charities!," Syndergaard wrote in a tweet on Friday. 

Bauer, who signed a three-year, $102 million deal with the Dodgers, not only responded but turned the tables on Syndergaard, ensuing a Twitter battle. 

"When mistakes are made, you try to make them right," Bauer responded. "I know you wouldn’t know anything about making mistakes though. Hope rehab is treating you well. Was good to see you back throwing."

Several minutes later, Bauer decided to post screenshots of Thor recently reacting not so kindly towards fans on social media. 

"Also, @Noahsyndergaard, try to treat the fans better. They’re what makes our game go. No place for personal insults, especially about someone else’s wife."

The two continued to respond to one another, going from gifs to more digs at one another. As Syndergaard works to return from Tommy John surgery, there's a possibility the two could face off in the postseason.