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Bryce Harper Wallops First Inside-the-Park Homer Against Nationals

Bryce Harper slammed his first inside-the-park home run on Tuesday night, but that was not the sweetest part for the right fielder. He did so against his former team—the Nationals. 

With the Phillies trailing 6-2 at the bottom of the fifth, Harper hit the ball down centerfield, causing it to ricochet off the State Farm sign as a Nets player jumped for the catch. 

As the right fielder sped around the diamond, his helmet flew off between second and third base. Harper slid into home as the catcher missed the ball thrown his way. 

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The Phillies trail the Nats 6-4 at the bottom of the seventh. Earlier Tuesday evening, Washington shortstop Trea Turner was pulled from the game in the first inning after testing positive for COVID-19. 

After Turner scored on Josh Bell's home run, he did not go in the dugout to celebrate but rather went straight to the tunnel. Despite initial speculation, the teams said he was not injured and there was no trade in place.

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