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MLB, Red Sox Dispute Hunter Renfroe's COVID-19 Testing Claims

Hunter Renfroe claimed in a radio interview that MLB told the Red Sox to stop testing for COVID-19 as the club faced a rapid outbreak. It affected 11 players, nine of them testing positive including Xander Bogaerts and two coaches.

"We've been going through a lot of things with COVID," Renfroe told Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria on WEEI radio, "and MLB has basically told us to stop testing and just treat the symptoms. We're like, 'No. We're gonna figure out what's going on and try to keep this thing under control.'"

Merloni asked Renfroe for confirmation that the MLB asked the franchise to stop testing, which the outfielder reaffirmed. 

"And just so to try to play, move on and don't worry about it?" Merloni asked.

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"Yes," Renfroe said.

Both the franchise and league denied the allegations that COVID-19 protocols were being ignored Thursday afternoon. 

“We have been following MLB’s COVID-19 protocols all season long. We have consulted closely with them on everything we’ve done and continue to test and their medical staff has been very supportive,” a Red Sox spokesperson told

Meanwhile, an MLB spokesperson said to The Boston Globe the outfielder is "completely wrong and inaccurate."

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