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The Grinch Arrives Early As Dodgers Celebrate Win With Dress-Up Day

Everyone knows how the Grinch stole Christmas, but what happens when he randomly shows up in September ... in an airplane hangar?

The Dodgers celebrated their 7–5 victory over the Rockies in style, but it wasn't with fancy suits or popping bottles of champagne. No, it was with the team's annual dress-up day. Hours after their victory, pictures of the players in some of the most random costumes started showing up on the team's Twitter page. 

Aliens, astronauts and even Goose (we're looking at you, Trea Turner) joined the party. But pitcher Joe Kelly arguably hit a homer with his Grinch costume. 

Unfortunately, Halloween isn't for another 37 days, but maybe these baseball stars can give you some inspiration. 

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