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Controversial Check Swing Ends Dodgers-Giants Series, Los Angeles Heads to NLCS

Somehow, someway, the Dodgers-Giants series came down to a controversial check swing that ended up being called a swing. 

San Francisco's Wilmer Flores tried to hold back on a Max Scherzer slider, but the umpire did not rule in his favor. That single moment ended the game, sending Los Angeles to the National League Championship Series against the Braves. 

"Super tough," Giants manager Gabe Kapler said. "Obviously, you don’t want a game to end that way...there's no need to be angry about that. I just think it's a disappointing way to end. There are other reasons we didn't win today's baseball game."

The Dodgers ultimately beat San Francisco, 2-1, and Dodgers pitcher Scherzer tallied his first career save. To celebrate, he was seen walking around the field shirtless again.

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Mookie Betts made MLB history as he tallied a postseason career-high four hits, becoming the first to do so and tally a stolen base in a postseason winner-take-all game since 1985. But he wasn't the only one to make league postseason history. 

While reporters and fans debate the check swing heard around the world, a few players trusted the umpire's instincts despite not seeing the play. 

"I was at center," Dodgers star Cody Bellinger, who hit the game-winning RBI single, said about the final play. "I didn't see anything so I'm sure I'll watch it on video. But, umpire said it was a swing so it was a swing."

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