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Rob Manfred Announces MLB Will Implement Universal DH in 2022

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced Thursday that a designated hitter will be implemented in the National League in 2022. 

Manfred’s announcement comes as MLB and the Players’ Union continue to negotiate a host of issues amid a lockout. Manfred also announced Thursday a draft lottery will be added as an anti-tanking measure.

Manfred added he expects the regular season to begin on time on March 31. Spring Training is currently in jeopardy, though Manfred also expressed optimism on that front. 

MLB and the union are looking to avoid the sport's first regular-season work stoppage since 1994. The '94 season was suspended and ultimately canceled that August, as the league’s players went on strike.

Another round of bargaining between MLB and the MLBPA is slated for Saturday

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