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Rangers’ Bruce Bochy Raises Major Question Among MLB Fans With Clubhouse Speech

The Rangers are doing exactly what was hoped for when Bruce Bochy was hired as manager. In his first season, Texas is in the postseason and making a World Series run. 

Following the 7–1 win that finished off an ALDS sweep of the Orioles, Bochy joined his players in the Texas clubhouse to celebrate. But during his speech to the players, the three-time World Series champion made a remark that had many MLB fans asking questions. 

“The only thing I need to know right now,” asked Bochy, “Hedgie, what’s the number on your ass right now?”

Rangers players obviously knew what Bochy meant and the champagne celebration began. But those watching on TV or social media were wondering what the manager meant by asking what number was on catcher Austin Hedges's rear end. Fans quickly figured it out, however.

However, questions still remain about this postseason tally on Hedges's body. Is each win being marked, chicken scratch-style, on his butt? Or are actual numbers being written? And who is writing the marks or numbers on Hedges? Has a teammate taken this task upon himself? Could Bochy be the one doing it? 

The stand-up question raised by @DeLaNate is also a good one. Is there a cardboard cutout of Hedges in the Rangers' clubhouse? Like the one Cleveland manager Lou Brown created of owner Rachel Phelps in the movie Major League? (Brown sounds like Bochy, by the way.) 

So far, there are five marks or the number five on Hedges, as Texas advances to the ALCS. The Rangers have yet to lose a game in the 2023 postseason, sweeping the Rays (2–0) and Orioles (3–0). Up next is the winner of the Twins-Astros division series.