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New York Mets Mailbag: Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, Darin Ruf, More

Check out this latest edition of Mets mailbag, where Mets beat writer Pat Ragazzo answers fan questions.
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Mets beat writer Pat Ragazzo tries his best to answer all fan questions from the latest edition of Mets Mailbag.


Julian Guilarte: @JulianGuilarte1: How far along do you think Baty and Alvarez are in their development?

Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez are both very close to being ready to play everyday in the major leagues. That said, Alvarez could use some more time to develop his framing and receiving skills behind the plate in Triple-A. Prediction: Both players start the season in Syracuse, but factor into the big-league club as the season progresses.

Nicholas Durst: @Nick_Durst: Will Darin Ruf be on the Opening Day roster? Who will be the Mets DH come August?

While it's certainly a realistic possibility that Darin Ruf gets traded before Opening Day, my gut tells me the Mets are going to give him another chance in the DH platoon with Daniel Vogelbach. If Ruf flounders again, Tommy Pham or Eduardo Escobar could fill his role. The Mets' DH come August will likely be a trade deadline pickup, as this lineup still looks to be about one big bat short.

string bean: @dreworder: Think we are going to get city connect jerseys this year?

Unsure, but I believe the black uniforms serve as a nice alternative to city connect jerseys.

Elits20: @elits02: So you see the Mets breaking camp with Ruf and Carrasco? Or do you see a trade happening for either of them?

As previously mentioned, It's definitely possible that Ruf, or Carlos Carrasco, more likely Ruf, could be traded before the season starts. I'm going to stand pat here and say both are on the Mets when the team breaks camp.

Not Mike Piazza: @Retire31: How will the Mets handle Peterson/Megill this season with a full, assuming healthy rotation?

David Peterson and Tylor Megill will serve as depth starters in Triple-A Syracuse to start the year. That said, you can never have too much pitching and It's almost certain that their services will be needed in the big-leagues at some point in some way, shape or form.

Dan Klotz: @klotzian: Mark Vientos--what's his path to the majors?

Mark Vientos is a tricky one because there isn't a position, in which he fits on the big-league roster. His best shot of making it back to the majors would be as part of the DH platoon if Ruf and Pham struggle.

Conor ➐: @cmw2693: What do you think of the teams chances going in to 2023?

The Mets are a playoff team that could win the National League East. However, it'll be hard to claim the crown with the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies looking strong as well. If the Mets want to make any noise in the postseason this year, It'll depend on how their starting pitching holds up, as well as the consistency of their offense. They will likely need to acquire a big bat at the trade deadline to make a serious run. The contributions of Baty and Alvarez in 2023 could also make a huge difference regarding the trajectory of this team.

Patrick H: @Patrick_am_I: What are the chances both Alonso and McNeil are extended either in spring training or during the season?

When recently asked about possibly talking extensions with Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil, GM Billy Eppler gave a no comment. Both players are under control for two more years and it doesn't sound like either contract is a priority at the given moment. That could change, as talks could pick up in spring training or during the season, but for now my gut says their contracts get addressed after 2023.

Josh Rogers: @JoshRogersNYC: Does Mauricio have a chance to make the OD roster if has a monster spring and shows he can handle third base?

I believe Baty has a greater chance than Ronny Mauricio at cracking the Opening Day roster, especially at third base. Mauricio needs to develop more in the minor leagues, at multiple positions defensively.

Robbie: @rmuraca12: Are the Mets currently in the market for any trades?

Eppler is engaged in the market for relief pitching, so I'd imagine that would include the trade market, not just free agency. Can't confirm anything definitive, though. 

#Mets2023: @aninsanemetsfan: Based on the conversations you’ve had with your sources and connections with the Mets, how far off are Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez from being called up to the MLB team? A few weeks? A month? Longer than that?

Baty and Alvarez will both have the chance to compete for spots on the big-league club during spring training. That said, the Mets want Alvarez to continue to work on his framing and receiving skills, which will likely come in Triple-A to start the season. For Baty, he will probably start the season in Syracuse as well, where he will play every day and split time between third base and left field. Hard to put a timeline on either of them, depends on need, and on how long it takes to refine some of the skills in their development.

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