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Five Former Phillies Bid for Hall of Fame Election in 2023

The Philadelphia Phillies have five familiar faces that will vie for Hall of Fame Election this year.
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The Philadelphia Phillies have five legends up for Hall of Fame candidacy this year, each of which have varying chances of enshrinement. Franchise greats Bobby Abreu, Scott Rolen, Jimmy Rollins, and Billy Wagner have each been included on the 2023 ballot.

Rolen was the closest of the group to eternal glory in 2022, receiving 63.2% of votes. The all-time great third baseman, whose time in Philadelphia was tumultuous, is considered a likely candidate to see enshrinement before his time on the ballot runs out.

The next closest was renowned closer Billy Wagner, who spent two seasons with the Phillies, accruing 59 saves in his tenure with the club. He received 51% of the vote in 2022.

Bobby Abreu and Jimmy Rollins, each of whom have been remarkably underrated by the Hall of Fame Committee, each received less than 10% of the vote last year, but managed to remain on the ballot for 2023 by virtue of the 5% rule. Abreu should see a sizable spike in votes this time around, while Rollins is a good candidate to plateau, but once again roll over to the 2024 ballot.

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New to the ballot this year: Phillies legend Jayson Werth will easily go down as one of the franchise's greatest under-the-radar pickups of all time. Unfortunately, it appears more than likely that Werth won't see the Hall of Fame.

Still, the outfielder's 29.2 rWAR should be enough nab him a vote or two, and he will always be remembered by the city of Philadelphia regardless.

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