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How the Signing of Trea Turner Changes the Face of the Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies just signed Trea Turner to a mega deal, he changes the entire look and feel of the franchise.

The Philadelphia Phillies just signed Trea Turner to a mega deal that's worth $300 million over 11 years. He was the first position player off the board in what is a loaded free agent class at the middle infield position. 

His signing also completely changes the face of the Phillies. 

For much of the 2022 MLB season slugger Kyle Schwarber drew leadoff duties for Philadelphia. He played his part well hitting 38 home runs from the position, seven of which leadoff the game, but at the end of it all, he isn't the "prototypical" leadoff hitter.

But Trea Turner is.

And for that reason alone Turner changes the face of this Phillies squad, particularly the lineup.

Here is a projected lineup for Philadelphia when everyone is healthy next season:

1. Turner, SS

2. Rhys Hoskins, 1B

3. Bryce Harper, RF

4. Schwarber, LF

5. J.T. Relamuto, C

6. Nick Castellanos, DH

7. Alec Bohm, 3B

8. Bryson Stott, 2B

9. Brandon Marsh, CF

Simply by slotting in Turner at the leadoff spot, the Phillies get a guy who is one of the fastest in baseball and has the ability to swipe 20-plus bags a season. Combine that with his level swing and excellent on-base skills and you get a guy who will surely change the game.

Add the fact that now Schwarber can hit in a more traditional role like the cleanup spot and now RBI, runs, and a multitude of other counting stats will sky rocket for Schwarber. 

The addition of Turner changes so much of this Phillies lineup and gives them a new identity. 

Even more, Turner flipped the script when it comes to Philadelphia and their financials. The Phillies became the first team in MLB history to have two players signed to $300 million-plus deals. 

For the first time ever Philadelphia will likely exceed a $250 million payroll. In fact, they could blow past it depending on what type of deals they still have in store.

And they do have more in store.

But the signing of Turner indicated that the team and ownership are not content with just appearing in a World Series.

They want to win it.

With the departure of Jean Segura, the Phillies had a need in the middle infield. They signed their guy, made the team better than it was in 2022, and it's only day one of the MLB Winter Meetings.

Turner is ushering in a new identity for this Phillies squad. One that is loaded with star talent, not afraid to invest, and one that is all in on winning a championship.

Baseball is fun.

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