College Football's 10 Most Hated Programs: Campus Clicks

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The Most Hated

Who's more hated, Spurrier or Carroll? :: REUTERS : AP

Success breeds contempt. Just ask these 10 programs, which Bleacher Report has dubbed the most hated of the last 25 years.Steve Spurrier's Florida Gators and Pete Carroll's USC Trojans were in the mix, but the 1985-1988 Miami Hurricanes and coach Jimmy Johnson took the top spot.

Like Father, Like Son

Duron Carter is following in father Cris Carter's footsteps. The wide receiver gave a verbal commitment to dad's alma mater, Ohio State. Bad news Michigan fans: Carter is just one of many high school studs heading for Columbus. OSU already has 23 commitments for 2009.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

A man robbed a Cal State, Bakersfield fraternity's fireworks booth at gunpoint Friday night, and then accidentally shot himself in the leg while fleeing. Karma.

Great Taste, Less Filling

If Michigan were a beer, it would be Bud Light. :: AP

Once you compare the Pac-10 to fine wines, it's only logical to start comparing other conferences to other categories of alcoholic beverages. Today: the Big Ten and beer. Conference powerhouses Ohio State and Michigan got the shaft with Bud Light and Miller Lite, respectively, but it's better than Minnesota, who got "an empty beer mug full of tears."

Football Fantasy

A Pac-10 vs. Big Ten annual football challenge? We can dream.

Logoed Undies, Cont.

Once and for all, find out if your campus is part of Victoria's Secret's Pink Collegiate Collection.

Eat, Drink and Watch Football

Construction workers unearthed the ruins of an 18th-century tavern while excavating the site of Rutgers' new football stadium. Why anyone would let a campus bar fall to ruins is beyond us, but it's good to know the stadium will have a solid foundation in communal celebration and consumption.

Early Bird Special

The support for an early signing period continues to grow. A recent poll conducted by The Oklahoman indicates more than 77 percent of Division I football coaches are in favor. The biggest question left: what date to choose.

Pop Culture Nugget

Apologies to all the Madonna/A-Rod enthusiasts out there, but the singer has released an exclusive statement assuring everyone she's not divorcing Guy Ritchie.

Today In Hot Clicks

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Ivanovic photo spread ... Clown or Don Cherry? ... Nobody believes Brett Favre ... Tailgating item ... Jenn Sterger bashes Erin Andrews ... Shaq shirt ... Video: Annoying Red Sox fan.

Odds and Ends

We're wishing a speedy recovery to Louisville wide receiver Trent Guy ... USC is racking up the recruits ... Phil Fulmergot his pay day ... Miami fans will now be able to purchase alcohol at Hurricanes games until the end of halftime.

This is what happens...

...When you bind 3.2 million firecrackers together and light the fuse.

Baby, Don't Preach

They're learning young these days.

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