The College Football Oscars: Campus Clicks

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Texas Tech Owned The Night

Matt Williams and Brandon Carter had award-worthy years. :: AP : Karl Anderson/Icon SMI

It's that time of the year, and no, we don't mean the time of year when men and women the world over sing carols and sip cocoa. We mean the time of year when college football fans, analysts and participants moan and wail over bowl games and awards and the unfairness of it all. But let's not get our holiday-themed panties in a bunch just yet, because Bleacher Report thinks this can still be the season of joy. In that spirit, the site's celebrating all that was good and holy this season, and it's doing it Oscar style (because really, why not?). We won't spoil it all, but we do want to congratulate Texas Tech, which took home the most awards, thanks in large part to lineman Brandon Carter (Best Make Up) and kicker Matt Williams (Best Adapted Screenplay).

Flipping For Ashli

We like the name Blair (as do most Gossip Girl enthusiasts), we like Texas (and who wouldn't, with those helmets?) and we like cheerleaders (we are SIOC, after all), but we're officially casting our vote for Boise State gymnast Ashli Rainboth in The Two Minute Drill's best-looking collegiate female athlete competition's final round. You know where we stand on this. There are enough cheerleader-only online rankings and brackets out there. It's time to spread to love.

Four Hours Is Too Long

We know Gary Danielson's on-air proclamation of undying love and support for Tim Tebow is old news, but this "Tebowner" report just came to our attention, and we wanted to pass it along in case any of you are similarly afflicted.

The King Of Mediocrity

Matt Grothe might be excited about USF's matchup with Memphis, but few fans are. :: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Speaking of brackets (which we were, two blurbs ago), College Football Guys knows you're all clamoring for a playoff, and so has decided to bring you one, but with a twist. Instead of digitally advancing the title-worthy teams, CFG has decided to put the slew of less than compelling bowl games up against each other to determine the king of mediocrity.

Craving Some Curry

Sure, C.C. Sabathia signed with the Yankees and the Lakers finally lost, but as far as The Big Lead is concerned, Stephen Curry's trip to NYC deserves all the attention this morning.

Mark Few Is The Emperor

You might be surprised to hear that The Love of Sports thinks there's only one college basketball dynasty, and that dynasty calls the banks of the Spokane River home. Yep, it's talking about Gonzaga (UNC and Duke fans, we can feel your horror pulsating through the Ethernet).

A Cliché For The Cause

Real Clear Sports makes a pretty good point. For all the talk about college football, it's rare that someone adds a truly new argument to the debate. In fact, the sound bites on both sides of the BCS/playoff coin have become so overused, it was almost child's play for RCS to come up with the top 10 cliché arguments for and against the BCS. A word of caution to all those (and yes, we realize we're culpable here, too) who have been championing the "but even Obama supports a playoff!" cause. You're on the list.

Simple, But Brilliant

One of the most lamentable things about this generation is that many of its members are content to sit around and let other people do their work for them. They feel entitled and lack a certain sense of curiosity, a propelling desire to learn and grow and understand. Not the folks at Boosh. They want to understand the science and history and logic behind the gizmos and gadgets that are so crucial to our daily lives. Like, for example, the keg.

Pop Culture Nugget

Just because you like Twilight doesn't mean you've got a biting fetish. Or does it?

Today In Hot Clicks

Heidi Klum :: Robert Erdmann/SI

The Clicksy Awards: Highlights of 2008 ... Sports' most ignominious quitting incidents ... Surreal player tribute ... Best movie bullies ... Video: Big guy, small car ... Odd commercial.

Odds and Ends

Great news: The UCLA Undie Run isn't dead, after all! ... It's never too late to put together an ACC hoops preview ... For all the gamblers out there ... It's moments like this when you're glad you never took up a diving career.

Save the Cheerleader

Sure, BYU lost to Utah, but the Cougars got to see Hans Olsen dress as a cheerleader and read poetry, so maybe it was worth it.

Marking Their Territory

We've always said arm-wrestling small children who root for Arizona would be the surest way for Arizona State fans to show their superiority.

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