Hot Clicks: Tricia Helfer, NHL Awards, Chris Berman honored

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Jeremy Misspoken

Tricia Helfer :: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The NHL Awards were held last night in Las Vegas and the highlight, other than Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer showing up in this dress, was Jeremy Roenickstumbling and bumbling through this presentation and getting no laughs at his jokes.

Golf Links

With the U.S. Open taking place on Long Island, some golfers recently worked on their New York accents. Tiger Woods gets an A. Vijay Singh gets an F.Meanwhile, remember when Tiger walked on water? Of course you do. Well, Rocco Mediaterecently tried the same stunt. Lastly, here are past U.S. Open champions and their look-alikes.

The Latest Gift That Soccer Has Given Us

A shark mascot that likes to hump everything in sight.

Boomer Goes To Hollywood

The Hollywood Walk of Fame just announced the 2010 honorees, and in the television category, those who will get a star include Jon Cryer, Peter Graves, Jimmy Kimmel, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bill Maher, Sam Waterston and ... Chris Berman. As Awful Announcing said, like him or not (and I do), Berman has been a major television figure for a long time. And I believe that NFL Primetime, back in the day before NFL Sunday Ticket, is the greatest sports studio show of all time -- or least of my lifetime.

Chris Berman :: Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

A+ App

For the past two days, my buddy Darren has been raving about MLB's "At Bat" iPhone application. Well, Joe Sports Fan feels the same way and it's provided us with a detailed recap of the features. Now I just need an iPhone.

E-Mail Of The Day

John, of Houston, says, "A Ryan Leaf autographed jersey is going for $449.99 on NFL shop! I was hoping to buy his jersey as joke to wear around bars when I go back to school in the fall, but that price defies every law of economics I've ever studied."

Random Links

Before there was Artie Lange and Joe Buck, there wasHoward Stern and Magic Johnson. ... NBA and NFL Hall of Fame jerseys you'd never wear. ... Test your knowledge of the sports blogosphere with this quiz.

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Sports Video Of The Day

I'm calling it now -- this video that dubs basketball calls over golf shots is one of the top 10 sports videos Hot Clicks has ever featured. (Thanks to Martin, of Fort Collins, Colo., for the link.)

Live Report Video Of The Day

This guy must not have thought Fox News was fair and balanced.

Gisele Video Of The Day

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Bradyare expecting their first child. Let's celebrate with the second-best Gisele video on YouTube. This is the first, but it's been in Hot Clicks before.

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