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College Football Controversies (Related Stories)

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College Football Controversy stories in the SI Vault

Barry It's 1:30 Do You Know Where Your Players Are? By Douglas S. Looney, October 24, 1983Oklahoma Tailback Marcus Dupree gave Coach Barry Switzer a clear sign of how he felt by going AWOL.

Enough is EnoughBy SI Staff, December 1, 1986The SMU Faculty quits looking the other way at its football program.

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In Hot And Heavy Pursuit By Craig Neff, October 19, 1987Chasing after clients, agents are able to use every trick in the book.

An American Disgrace By Jerry Kirshenbaum, February 27, 1989A violent and unprecedented lawlessness has arisen among college athletes in all parts of the country.

Broken Beyond RepairBy SI Staff, June 12, 1995 An open letter to the president of Miami urges him to dismantle his vaunted football program to salvage his school's reputation.

Confessions Of An Agent By Josh Luchs with George Dohrmann, October 18, 2010This man says he paid thousands of dollars to dozens of college football players. Whatever they needed -- a concert ticket, a free trip, a meal -- he gave them, all in violation of NCAA rules. Now he says he wants to come clean about his two decades inside the dirtiest business in sports.

Catch Cam If You Can (You Can't)By Lars Anderson, November 01, 2010 Cam Newton has a past: a reputation sullied by an arrest at Florida. And Cam Newton has a present: as the nonpareil playmaker of a BCS title contender. And Cam Newton has a future -- a very, very bright future indeed.