May 10, 2011

College Basketball Recruiting stories in the SI Vault

The Payoff By Ray Kennedy, June 17, 1974The story is sleazy, the testimony contradictory, the consequences degrading to all concerned. A detailed account of charges leveled against Long Beach State and an intimation that the problem at this university is the problem elsewhere in college sport.

Miles From NowhereBy Hank Hersch, February 16, 1987Virginia's Oak Hill Academy is an unlikely wellspring of top basketball talent, one of a handful of out-of-the-way prep schools to which inner-city stars flock in hopes of improving their grades and games, thereby increasing their chances for college and NBA glory.

The Summer Game By Phil Taylor, July 15, 1991Competition among summer basketball camps for high school stars is so hot that the NCAA may have to step in to cool it down.

Finders, Keepers, Losers, Sleepers By Alexander Wolff, February 15, 1993You'll find them all amid the recruiting frenzy that is engulfing-college football and basketball.

July MadnessBy Seth Davis, August 04, 1997For players like Richard Jefferson, trying to catch the eye of college recruiters made for a wild month.

Full-Court PressBy Steve Lopez, January 19, 1998Schoolgirl basketball stars are being recruited as heavily as boys, and techniques used by college coaches are often just as crass.

Billy The Kid By S.L. Price, November 23, 1998After two banner recruiting classes in a row, Florida's hotshot young coach Billy Donovan has this to say to the skeptics: I'm no outlaw.

The Program By L. Jon Wertheim, March 05, 2007In the new Gilded Age of college sports, no school has done more with its money -- or learned more from painful scandal -- than mighty Ohio State, the standard against which all other schools are judged.

You've Got (too Much) MailBy George Dohrmann, August 03, 2009In the age of Facebook, Twitter and texting, top prospect Roberto Nelson was still courted through thousands of postal deliveries from college coaches. Is the annual flood of letters effective -- or a waste of paper?

The Education Of Demetrius Walker By George Dohrmann, September 27, 2010During eight years of reporting on grassroots basketball, the author saw coaches, recruiting analysts and sneaker companies put the marketing of talented young athletes ahead of their development as players.

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