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U.S. Men's Soccer (Related Stories)


U.S. Men's Soccer stories in the SI Vault

Big D Reduced To AtomsBy Edwin Shrake, September 03, 1973Armed with Americans, Philadelphia's soccer team beat Dallas and became the most successful expansion club in pro sport.

Curtain Call For A Legend By Jerry Kirshenbaum, June 23, 1975When Pele played his first game for the New York Cosmos the soccer field became his stage. The response was a rousing ole.

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A Net Gain For The U.S.By Alexander Wolff, July 04, 1994The host team's unexpected World Cup success boosted the sport in America.

Uncharted Waters By Leigh Montville, September 26, 1994Alexi Lalas is the first U.S. player in Italy's top soccer league.

Where In The World? By Grant Wahl, June 05, 2006Thirty-two teams will meet in Germany beginning June 9. Can the U.S. emerge as one of soccer's global powers? That will depend on the leadership of four young players who learned how to win together as teens.

Good Isn't Good Enough By Joe Posnanski, June 07, 2010American soccer's most accomplished and enigmatic star, Landon Donovan embarks on the defining tournament of his career with a knowledge that has long eluded him: what it takes to play like a champion.